News Reporting Has Become a Popularity Contest

I’m so over watching CNN – they beat a news to death without ever having complete information. I’m watching the coverage of the crashing of Germanwings flight 9525. CNN is covering the reaction of the NY Times report that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit and desperately trying to get back in (as per a “leak” of the voice recording) and it’s about as half assed as it can be. Maybe its true, chances are its all blown out of proportion and CNN anchor, Don Lemon, is going on and on about it with a HUGE panel where half of em don’t even want to discuss it stating “we don’t have complete information, if any correct information at all’. They are clearly not wanting to jump to conclusions and want to allow the investigators to do the job, but of course, Don Lemon is relentless about it. I get it, it’s his “job” because that’s what the network wants him to do, but after ALL the false reporting when MH370 disappeared, you’d think CNN would try and change their ways a little bit. ABSURD! Continue reading “News Reporting Has Become a Popularity Contest”