Am I Super Late on Hopping on the Green Tea Bandwagon?

The first time I tried green tea was at an Asian restaurant many years ago, and it basically tasted like warm water to me. I refused to give it a second try. Since then, I’ve increasingly heard how great green tea is for you. Some of the benefits of drinking green tea include improved health, improved brain function, increased fat burning, potential to lower the risk of certain types of cancer from the antioxidants, preventive heart disease and type II diabetes, decreased stress and increased energy. 

Pretty much everything I would like to increase and decrease respectively. So, it’s a little perplexing that it took me this long to get on the green tea bandwagon. I always seem to ignore “trends” when they first come around and eventually when the hype dies down or when my loved ones insist on it, I join in. My best friend reintroduced it to me a few months ago. In addition, my brother, who currently lives in China and is a big green tea drinker, brought me several different kinds of Chinese green tea to try. 

Sunday Morning Green Tea Break
Sunday Morning Green Tea Break

I’ve always been into tea — you know the afternoon tea kind, inclusive of cute finger sandwiches, delicious desserts, upscale ambiance and an opportunity to adorn the many “only meant for Europe” hats and fascinators I own, one step away from wearing a pair of lacy gloves. I admit, I’m a bit of an afternoon tea snob. But, now I’ve expanded my tea horizon and started drinking green tea as part of my regular routine (and by regular, I mean Sunday mornings when I’m usually home and can remember to make a cup…err mug). Better late than never, right?

Now, when I visit my local Wegmans, I find myself lost in the sea of teas that are available to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, aid in digestion, increase relaxation, produce better sleep, boost metabolism, uplift mood, et al. I’m always standing there mentally debating which symptom I need relief from (stress relief and sleep deprived usually win)

Do you drink green tea — or other types of body and mind cleansing tea? If so, which are your favorites? 

Happy Monday! 


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