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Daily Recommendation: 365 Days to French Calendar

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January 6: 365 Days to French Calendar

I needed a travel related wall calendar. While perusing the calendar kiosk at the mall today, I came across this calendar which helps you learn a language in 365 days! I took years of French and absolutely adore the language, however, I’ve lost practice and have been meaning to find an easy way to get back to practicing/relearning. This calendar discovery could not have come at a better time. 

365 Days to French

Each month is divided into categories: meeting & greeting, food & dining, communication, celebrations, time & weather, family, etc. Each day of the month is filled with phrases related to the category. For example, during the month of February (Food & Dining), you learn to say, The menu, please. Can you recommend a restaurant? We are ready to order. I’m full. The bill, please, etc. The phrases are written in French (so you know how it’s written), in phonetics (so you know how to sound it out and say it), and translated in English (so you know what you’re saying)

In addition to phrases, each month has vocabulary lists pertaining to the category. For example, January is about Meeting & Greeting, so the vocabulary list includes numbers, colors, days of the week and greeting etiquette. 

January vocabulary list

The calendars come in four different languages: French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. So, if you’re looking to brush up on your high school (fill in the language) then this would be a great calendar to get, or to gift! Since the year has already began, most places are selling calendars at great discounts. 

50% off: $8

Happy learning! 




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