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Daily Recommendation: Blue Bloods

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February 16: Blue Bloods on CBS

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I love crime shows! Started with Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds (still my absolute favorite), Flashpoint and the latest I’m hooked on to is Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods is a police drama surrounding the lives of the Reagans who are all in law enforcement (Tom Selleck, Police Commissioner, Len Cariou, former Police Commissioner, Donnie Wahlberg, First Grade Detective, Bridget Moynahan, Assistant District Attorney, and Will Estes, Harvard Lawyer turned Cop). The show almost always deals with a moral vs practical issue and has an underlying religious tone with regular Sunday dinners where saying grace is taken seriously. The importance of this aspect in the show helps the viewer understand the characters’ principals and struggles more authentically. It helps us relate to the characters. It’s a really smart show. 

Admittedly, it is not a new show (now in it’s 6th season), but I have a habit of giving shows a try only after they’ve been watched and loved by millions over several seasons. So, possibly a little behind on the recommendation, but for anyone else who resists TV shows when they first come out, give this a watch. It’s smart, different from the other cops shows, therefore, it won’t conflict with whatever show you’re already addicted to in the same genre, and best of all, the cast is brilliant (both in terms of acting and looks)!

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays, 10:00pm Eastern on CBS. It is also available on streaming on Hulu

Watch Blue Bloods? What do you think? 

2 thoughts on “Daily Recommendation: Blue Bloods”

  1. Tom Selleck is good, but he’s too old to be the commissioner. They should find somebody younger. The grandfather butts in too much. He is a pain in the ass and they should take him off the show entirely. Too much religion mentioned on the show. Donnie Walhberg is good but he’s a little too cocky. The daughter should be replaced because she can’t act at all. The only two decent ones are the daughter-in-law and Sgt. Baker. And you should never tell people to get away from the dining room table when they are eating. It’s very rude.


    1. I think Tom Selleck is a great actor so I actually really like the casting, I think it works great. The religious angle doesn’t bother me as much as I’m not even of the same faith – I think it really just gives strength to these characters.
      But to each their own. =o)


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