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February 15: Fujifilm Intax Mini Camera

My Intax Mini
My Intax Mini

The Fujifilm Intax Mini camera was a birthday gift last year from a dear friend and for the traveler in me, it’s been a delightful gift! I use it to take one polaroid shot of every place I travel. It’s an instant memory that I later attach to my bulletin board in my bedroom. I love the instant reminder of the places I’ve gone to. But whether you travel or not, this is an incredibly fun camera to have for anyone who loves photography and loves to capture moments that are tangible. With the usage of social media, none of us really print pictures and stick them in an album anymore. But with the instax mini camera, you have the ability to have a printed picture, instantly to create scrapbooks, add to your room decoration or just because! The option to be creative are endless. 

The camera comes with four photo settings (best brightness for taking a picture is automatically determined by the camera). All you have to do is turn the dial to one of the flashing setting (indoor, cloudy, sunny & cloudy or sunny & bright). The camera comes in beautiful bright and bold colors and so do the films! 

While it is a bulkier piece of product than say your phone (camera), anyone who loves to take photos won’t mind lugging it around. Really adorable cases are also available, although I do not yet own one to provide a personal recommendation. If interested, head over to amazon for some great deals! 

Happy Photography!

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