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Daily Recommendation: Valentine’s Day DIY

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February 14: Valentine’s Day DIY

Today is Valentine’s day and the DIY I’m about to share with you is a great gift for ANYONE you love in your life (from significant others to siblings and everyone in between).

FullSizeRender 197
Date Night for Each Month

Make “date nights” invitations for each day of the month (some with pre set dates, others without). This way, you always have a preplanned day/night to look forward to! This can be customized to whatever you and the recipient of your gift like to do or it can consist of things you’ve never done before! So get out the stock cards, glitter, ribbons, glue, stickers, colorful markers and get on it! 

Here’s a look at the ones I did a couple of years ago to help you get started:

Movie Night




Paint Nite


Mini Golf


Broadway Show





Cooking Class


Photo Op at a your favorite location(s)


Philharmonic Concert


Drive in Theater


Rock Climbing


To continue the element of surprise all year, present each date card in its own envelop and have it be opened at the beginning of each month! 


Last but not least, don’t forget to package your gift with a soft and delicate touch and add a card with personalized message and instructions (if necessary).


May my ideas help inspire your own! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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