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Daily Recommendation(s): Disneyland, Vera Bradley, Fintie

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the massive gap, but I’m currently on travel in Asia and lets just say neither internet access nor time to blog has been in my favor. So in an attempt to make it up to you, I’ve decided to break up the six pending recommendations into two posts. Here are the first three. Enjoy!

three recs

January 27: Celebrating in Disneyland? Head to “City Hall”

Walt Disney World Birthday Pins

If you’re heading to Disneyland (any Disney park around the world) to celebrate a special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), even if you’re not going on the actual day of your occasion, head over the city hall (usually on the left hand side immediately after the park entrance). Tell them what you’re celebrating and you’ll get a pin to wear all day! My brother and I share a birthday (10 years and a day apart) and we’ve celebrated our 27th/17th (at Disney World) and 34th/24th (at Disneyland Hong Kong). Not only do you feel special, but cast members will wish you whenever they notice your pin, even parade performers will do it! Sometimes, you even wind up with a special treat. But above all, you feel like the prince or princess that you are. 

January 28: Vera Bradley’s Blush & Brush Make Up Case


I love Vera Bradley, but I don’t love every product I own equally, which means you can tust my recommendations because I won’t recommend it based on the VB label. The latest purchase I made was the blush & brush make up case in all black. I was apprehensive about the purchase and spent an hour at the store before settling on it. However, after having it with me on travel for the past week, I could not be more pleased with my choice! Here’s why:

  1. It is the perfect size. I debated between the larger case but am so glad I opted for the
    smaller instead. Not only did it prevent me from overpacking but it was the perfect size for my two-week trip essentials:

    • 5 brushes
    • beauty blender
    • face primer
    • foundation
    • concealer
    • contour stick
    • blush
    • powder/bronzer
    • setting powder
    • eye primer
    • 2 eye liners
    • eye palette 
    • 3 lip liners
    • 7 lipsticks
    • setting spray 
    • perfume


  2. It’s lightweight even though it is not from the Lighten Up line. I wasn’t sure if the cotton material would make the bag significantly heavier once filled. Unfortunately, the Lighten Up line did not have the smaller size and as much as I wanted to avoid cotton, I just as badly wanted to avoid anything big. It pleases me to say I made the right choice.

  3. It’s compartmentalized. Even though it has two zips, it was 3 separate sections: 5 brush compartment with a clear flap to keep your brushes in tact, long zip clear side for lipsticks/pencils for easy find, and a separate, bigger zip compartment for the bulkier items. This helps finding all my cosmetics so easy! Nothing is ever lost.


  4. Lined for easy cleaning. Machine washable. 

Honestly, what more do you need?

January 29: Fintie Macbook Pro Case

My Favorite Macbook Pro Cover

I recently bought my fourth macbook pro case (I like to change it seasonally) and of all the cases I own, this one from Fintie is my absolute favorite. The quality is exponentially better than any of my other ones, while the cost is still in the same price range. The case is leather coated, therefore, providing far more protection from scratches and falls than the plastic cases. The cherry on top: they come in beautiful designs! I own the ZB-Love Tree. At $23 USD (on amazon), you really can’t beat it. Or can you? If you have a case you love, please share below. 

The remaining pending daily recommendation(s) will be up soon. Thanks for your patience! 

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