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Daily Recommendation: Nette’s Boutique

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April 25: Nette’s Boutique

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.53.19 PM

Ever find yourself at a card store and wonder why you’re paying $8 for a card that was mass produced, not personal and you know didn’t cost that much to make? Ever pick up a card and think to yourself, “Did I  buy this one last year? Was it for the person I’m buying it for now? Was it for someone else? How do I remember or keep track? Trust me, I know the feeling. I’ve been investing money at Papyrus for years on end and find myself buying the same 12 collection of cards each year. I can’t even keep track of which friend is receiving which card and how embarrassing would it be to give the same card to the same person, twice?! 

I put an end to all that this past Christmas and decided to go with homemade cards instead. I didn’t have time to make them myself, so I turned to my beautiful friend, Annette. She is a very crafty person, loves making and giving handmade, personalized cards and gifts from the heart.  In addition to her current collection of items (cards, nail decals, totes & apparel) as seen on Instagram, she takes all kinds of custom orders. If you have an idea, chances are, she’ll be able to bring it to life. So head on over to her Instagram page and show her some love. 

Bonus: Her prices are incredibly reasonable and her service is outstanding!

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’re supporting a local business instead of donating your money to big money making machines? I know I do. 

Happy Shopping!

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