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Trader Joe’s Flowers

The first time I encountered a Trader Joe’s I was sixteen years old and living in Boston, Massachusetts. I loved going in there, but it was always known as the “expensive” grocery store; so not one we frequented.

Fast forward 20 years, I am now living in New Jersey, alone (as opposed to being a family of five) and a regular patron at Trader Joe’s, grocery shopping every Friday. Is it still the most expensive grocery store in town? Not exactly, not for everything anyway, but it is also not the most affordable. However, grocery shopping for one is far more manageable than grocery shopping for five. 

But, my post today isn’t about the food at Trader Joe’s (although that gives me a blog post idea as well), but rather, about the FLOWERS at TJs! I will caveat with saying that not all Trader Joe’s has great flower selections, but the ones that do, are SO fresh, SO pretty and SO AFFORDABLE!

I know nothing about flowers, but I grabbed two sets of flowers that complimented each other in color and “look” (honestly couldn’t tell you the names, it’s not one of the common ones that everyone knows the names of) and just bunched them together on a vase and they have instantly livened up my living room and all for a whopping $6!

I’m telling you guys, if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, check out their fresh flower section!

Till next time, happy flowering!

P.S. I did not get a chance to photograph my flowers, so when I pop into the store next and make my arrangements, I shall photograph it and update this post accordingly.

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