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August Books Recap

August was so bleak when it came to reading, you guys! I was pretty much on travel the entire month and sitting down to read became almost non-existent. How I managed to even finish three books is a bit of a mystery as it is disappointing. But busy summers often lead to less reading for… Continue reading August Books Recap

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July Books Recap

July was not the best reading month for me -- with a lot of travel (not complaining, of course), and big client's on the move, reading took a definite back seat. Still, the two out of three books I read were wonderful so it was a month of quality over quantity! Read my mini-reviews below… Continue reading July Books Recap

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April Books Recap

I am so happy to get my reading groove back this month! I got access to NetGalley and have been approved for some delightful Advanced Reading Copies! I didn't love them all but I loved being able to read it in advance! All in all, I read 11 books in April! Let's dive into what… Continue reading April Books Recap