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August Books Recap

August was so bleak when it came to reading, you guys! I was pretty much on travel the entire month and sitting down to read became almost non-existent. How I managed to even finish three books is a bit of a mystery as it is disappointing. But busy summers often lead to less reading for… Continue reading August Books Recap

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July Books Recap

July was not the best reading month for me -- with a lot of travel (not complaining, of course), and big client's on the move, reading took a definite back seat. Still, the two out of three books I read were wonderful so it was a month of quality over quantity! Read my mini-reviews below… Continue reading July Books Recap

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June Books Recap

June was a whirlwind month. The fact that I was able to ready anything at all was an accomplishment. But mostly, they were mediocre reads with a couple of exceptions. That's part of the process though. Read my mini reviews below to see if you agree, disagree and would be interested in reading one or… Continue reading June Books Recap

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April Books Recap

I am so happy to get my reading groove back this month! I got access to NetGalley and have been approved for some delightful Advanced Reading Copies! I didn't love them all but I loved being able to read it in advance! All in all, I read 11 books in April! Let's dive into what… Continue reading April Books Recap

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March Books Recap

March was a month of struggling to find time to read and what I did end up reading were basically heavy reads. My March book count is five. Each month I will recap the books I've read and my quick review of them. Below is the straightforward rating system I use: ✰✰✰✰✰Loved it & had… Continue reading March Books Recap


February Books Recap

February has been a crazy busy (in a good way) month of reading for me! Ironic considering its such a short month to begin with! Not only did I read a lot of books but I read a lot of GREAT books! My February book count is ten. Each month I will recap the books… Continue reading February Books Recap


January Books Recap

In 2020, I fell short of meeting my reading goal by just a handful of books - ironic considering the entire year was spent stationary in quarantine, lockdown, at home. My reading goal for 2021 is to read 52 books; I've met this goal before and hope to surpass it (fingers crossed), but I also… Continue reading January Books Recap

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25 Days of Christmas Presents!

I'm going to do this a little differently this year. I'll be sharing ONE new Christmas present each day -- counting down to Christmas! Because let's face it - there are plenty of people we gift after Christmas has passed so this list should be useful for everyone along the way.  Note: Prices for each… Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas Presents!