Guide to the BEST Christmas Presents

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Vera Bradley: 40% OFF Sale Items and FREE SHIPPING

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September 15: 40% OFF sale items and FREE SHIPPING at Vera Bradley online

Hi Everyone,

I know…it’s been awhile and I apologize. But, I wanted to let all you Vera Bradley fans know that the website is currently running a 40% off already sale items promotion AND offering free shipping with no minimum purchase! Continue reading “Vera Bradley: 40% OFF Sale Items and FREE SHIPPING”

Daily Recommendation: Curad Cast and Bandage Protector

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July 15: Curad Cast and Bandage Protector

I’ve  been using the Curad cast and bandage protector on my foot cast to take showers and I can’t even begin to tell you how easy and effective it is! It’s basically a slip on and it stays tight at your calf/knee – whichever part of your leg you decide to pull it up to. I was apprehensive if it was going to keep my cast COMPLETELY dry, especially for the duration of the entire shower, but to my pleasant surprise, it did! Not once, not twice but every single time. They are slip resistant and reusable, so one pack (of 2) will last you several weeks (I intend to use mine for the entire duration of my cast wearing days, 6 weeks.)  Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Curad Cast and Bandage Protector”

Daily Recommendation: Palazzos at Target

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June 11/12: Palazzos at Target

Over the weekend I headed to Target in search of some pants to wear on my upcoming trip to Bermuda. Not really a shopper at Target, I was amazed to find these beautiful Xhilaration palazzo pants in pastel/brown stripes at a brilliant price of $19! I didn’t realize they were from the “Juniors” section while at the store, but the high-waisted, elastic waistband fit me perfectly, everywhere except the length. I probably have to take off a good five inches, but, for the price I paid for them, it was totally worth it. The combination of linen and cotton is incredibly soft and lightweight, and while the material is sheer, there is a shorts length lining inside which make them appropriate to wear anywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.11.52 AM
Photo courtesy of Target

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Daily Recommendation: Essence of Ojo Native American Flute Music CD

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June 2: Essence of Ojo Native American Flute Music CD

Listening to sounds of nature is an effective stress reliever. Something about human beings and nature just go hand in hand, imagine that. I love listening to soothing music to relax my mind so when I walked into the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in New Mexico, and heard the background music, I immediately knew I needed to own it.

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Daily Recommendation: Mitchell and Peach’s Fine Radiance Face Oil

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May 18: Mitchell & Peach’s Fine Radiance Face Oil 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.42.36 AM

The myth that oil is bad for your face has been put to rest time and time again. The only oil that is bad for your skin is the one you consume, not the one you apply. Having said that, I have been trying out various face oils over the past year, and till date, my favorite one is the sample I once received in my Ipsy bag, Mitchell and Peach Flora No. 1 Fine Radiance Face Oil

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Daily Recommendation: Bath & Body Works’ Aromatherapy Lotions

Hi Guys,

So sorry for the break in my daily recommendations this past week, I’ve barely had time to breath so I just couldn’t get around to blogging. But, I’m back and with a product I have been loving! 

May 7/8: Bath & Body Works’ Aromatherapy Lotions

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.48.49 AM
photo courtesy of

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Daily Recommendation: Ralph Lauren Swimwear

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April 29: Ralph Lauren Swimwear

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.52.59 AM
photo courtesy of

It’s that time of the year — the weather is getting warmer, the beach days are nearing and the dreadful swimwear shopping days are inevitably here. For some, it’s a fun experience and for the rest of us, it’s daunting and feels more like a chore than an experience. I am very picky about my swimwear and have some specific criteria that are either difficult to find or cost and arm and leg when I do find ’em. So generally, it turns out to be a lose-lose experience. Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Ralph Lauren Swimwear”

Daily Recommendation: Nette’s Boutique

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April 25: Nette’s Boutique

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.53.19 PM

Ever find yourself at a card store and wonder why you’re paying $8 for a card that was mass produced, not personal and you know didn’t cost that much to make? Ever pick up a card and think to yourself, “Did I  buy this one last year? Was it for the person I’m buying it for now? Was it for someone else? How do I remember or keep track? Trust me, I know the feeling. I’ve been investing money at Papyrus for years on end and find myself buying the same 12 collection of cards each year. I can’t even keep track of which friend is receiving which card and how embarrassing would it be to give the same card to the same person, twice?! 

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