Guide to the BEST Christmas Presents

Christmas is this upcoming weekend. Trying to do last minute shopping? Aren’t we all?! Continue reading “Guide to the BEST Christmas Presents”


Daily Recommendation: Ralph Lauren Swimwear

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April 29: Ralph Lauren Swimwear

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It’s that time of the year — the weather is getting warmer, the beach days are nearing and the dreadful swimwear shopping days are inevitably here. For some, it’s a fun experience and for the rest of us, it’s daunting and feels more like a chore than an experience. I am very picky about my swimwear and have some specific criteria that are either difficult to find or cost and arm and leg when I do find ’em. So generally, it turns out to be a lose-lose experience. Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Ralph Lauren Swimwear”

Thank You, Macys!

Macy’s just gave me the most wonderful customer service today! Let me take you back to how it all started….

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Last week, I ordered the Martha Stewart Collection Allergywise 2 Pack Euro Pillows on the Macy’s website, to be picked up at a local Macy’s store. The order was processed but a day later it was cancelled because the location no longer carried the item. I used a gift card to make the purchase, and the card was restored to its original amount. Continue reading “Thank You, Macys!”