Customer Service

Thank You, Macys!

Macy’s just gave me the most wonderful customer service today! Let me take you back to how it all started….

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Last week, I ordered the Martha Stewart Collection Allergywise 2 Pack Euro Pillows on the Macy’s website, to be picked up at a local Macy’s store. The order was processed but a day later it was cancelled because the location no longer carried the item. I used a gift card to make the purchase, and the card was restored to its original amount.

I proceeded to re-order the item, this time to be picked up from another local Macy’s store. The order was once again processed but this time I received an email stating my order was ready for pick up and would be held till a certain date. I went to the store the very next day to pick up the item. Unfortunately, upon arrival I was told that the order had been cancelled. I was confused since I never received a cancellation email. There was nothing the representative could do and I didn’t have my gift card on me to verify if the amount had been refunded. Disappointed, I went home.

I tried to place the order a third time intending to just have it shipped, at which point I discovered that the refund had not been credited to my gift card. Perplexed at having neither the item nor the money, I contacted Macy’s on Twitter. Very quick with their response, they advised me to send an email to I sent the email immediately and received a response within hours stating that a refund would be issued in the form of a gift card and mailed to my home address. Glad for the quick response but not happy about the wait for a refund, I let it be.

Luckily, they had shipped it via UPS and it arrived yesterday. I went online to place the order for what would’ve been the 4th time. However, in order to avoid the $9 shipping fee, I browsed the site for something else to add to meet the $50 minimum purchase for free shipping. Alas, it was no use. There was nothing I absolutely needed!

Today, I went to Macy’s Woodbridge, New Jersey location to buy the pillow (which the website indicated was in stock). Unfortunately, yet again, the website turned out to be inaccurate. I decided to ask the sales manager, Kasia, if I could just order it with them (I knew they would waive the shipping fee). She said yes and asked a sales associate, Maryam, to place the order for me.

As Maryam was placing the order, I asked her to check on the price for me (I wanted to ensure it was still $29.99). She informed me that it was actually $60! My jaw dropped. How was that possible? I had checked the website around 2am and the price had been sitting pretty at $29.99 for two weeks! Realizing there was nothing she could do about it; I thanked her for her help and decided I would just wait until it came on sale again. Kasia offered to give me a call when the item went on sale, but I politely declined. I didn’t really need them to do that. I knew I could just track it online on my own. And this is when the entire experienced took a turn…for the better!

As I was leaving, Kasia told Maryam to place the order and to honor the $29.99 price. I was pleasantly surprised and very grateful! I thanked her for her kindness. She not only waived the $9 shipping fee but also applied a $10 off $30 coupon (something I didn’t expect since technically my item was .01 short of the $30). In fact, I had a 20% off coupon which would’ve saved me $6 and I would’ve been just fine with that. But at the end, I ended up paying $19.99 for an item that was originally $60!

I was so pleased with the excellent customer service – especially because I didn’t make a big deal, create a scene nor did I request anything be done about my overall experience in purchasing this product. So, I was really touched when they went out of their way to make this a positive experience for me.

Before leaving, I asked for their names so that I could write a nice review on but then I thought I would do one more and write a blog post! Thank you Macy’s for hiring employees like Kasia and Maryam who go out of their way to ensure the customer has a positive experience. THAT is what I call great customer service! Can’t wait for my pillows to arrive! 

Thank you again! 

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