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Black Ice. Urgent Care. Just another Saturday.

Over the last decade or so, I’ve been taking turns spraining my ankles and wrists. Just a few months ago, I sprained my right wrist by twisting it in a bizarre position while trying to get a toll ticket on the highway (I can’t even). And last night, I added a new tale to the never ending dumb injuries. I was coming home from dance class, and first I pulled my car right onto a sheet of ice (it was the wrong parking spot and I couldn’t see in the dark), I tried desperately to get it out but couldn’t get it to budge at all, so I left it parked diagonally, then as I walked up to my house, I slipped and fell hard on my bottom (thank goodness it wasn’t my head) and braced myself with my right wrist (enter injury), all thanks to black ice, which I obviously couldn’t see in the dark. 

So, first I started crying hysterically from pain and hoping someone would help me, as if anyone was just hanging around on the residential streets at 11pm. Then, when I realized that was useless, I called my mom and dad (a few times because they never seem to pick up the phone the first time around) and asked my dad to come help me. I literally couldn’t get up by myself. I had cut on my wrist which was now filled with tiny pieces of black ice and within minutes, the palm started swelling and turning blue. I washed my wrist, put a bandaid on it and iced it overnight. As I was falling asleep, I could slowly start to feel the other parts of my body that had been hurt from the impact (my bottoms, one hip, one knee, one elbow). Great. 

self nursing
self nursing

I took an Advil to help with the inflammation and pain, although it did nothing for the latter. When I woke up in the morning, I debated if I should bother with urgent care, the swelling had substantially subsided and the blueness had also gone away, but there was a tingling sensation and severe pain in one very centralized location. After wasting a couple of hours fighting myself, I did the adult thing, and went. Two closed urgent cares later (both of which claimed to have Saturday hours), third stop was a charm. Much like the ER, these also require a lot of sitting around and waiting to be called. I lost half my day doing just that. 

Finally, when the doctor saw me, who by the way was very nice, he did some x-rays to ensure none of the “tiny bones” in the wrist/palm area were broken (they weren’t), told me to stay off of it (i.e., no typing), gave me a brace, called in a prescription and sent my merry self away. Glad to know it was basically a bad sprain and with time would go away, I went off to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. Enter another 30+ minute wait. By now, I was starving, annoyed and just plain ole cranky. 

And now I’m home, and other than taking the meds, not following any of the doctor recommended things. Not because I’m a rebel, but because I’m an adult with way too much to do that I can’t just sit around and nurse a wrist. 

Hope all your weekends have started off better than mine!

Happy Weekend! Don’t forget to turn the clock FORWARD for tomorrow. 

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