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Daily Recommendation: Mitchell and Peach’s Fine Radiance Face Oil

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May 18: Mitchell & Peach’s Fine Radiance Face Oil 

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The myth that oil is bad for your face has been put to rest time and time again. The only oil that is bad for your skin is the one you consume, not the one you apply. Having said that, I have been trying out various face oils over the past year, and till date, my favorite one is the sample I once received in my Ipsy bag, Mitchell and Peach Flora No. 1 Fine Radiance Face Oil

What It Does:

Packed with natural anti-oxidants and vitamins that instantly absorb into the skin, leaving it feeling plumper, firmer and glowing with radiance.

The formulation contains cobnut oil from the Mitchell farming estate. The oil is mildly astringent (producing a tightening effect) and Vitamin E, known for its anti-oxidant properties, as well as Vitamin B, for even skin tone. It also contains apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and wheat germ oil (used to fight oxidative stress). Oh an the smell of rose, lavender and ylang-ylang essences are incredibly calming to the senses. 

Why I Love It:

I have really dry skin and whenever I use this product, it really makes my skin feel hydrated and supple. I find it absorbs into my skin quickly and does not make it feel oily or heavy.

How To Apply:

Put 3-4 drops on your hand and work it into your face on its own, or mixed with your favorite moisturizer. I use it with my Aveeno moisturizer twice a day. 

Where To Purchase:

It is a product largely available in the UK and can be purchased from the company’s website (worldwide delivery available)Amazon UK or Amazon North America (in a slightly different packaging) and eBay. The UK packaging product is £30 (20ml/.67oz), while the US packaging product ranges from $18-25 (10ml/.34oz).

If you’ve never tried using face oil and are unsure of how it will feel/react with your skin, I recommend trying the Mitchell & Peach radiance oil. With its an all natural ingredients, it is likely to be calmer on your skin than others. 

Happy Skin Beautifying! 

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