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Daily Recommendation: ABC’s The Family

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May 17: ABC’s The Family

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I’ve been watching ABC’s The Family, reluctantly, all season. A love for mysteries and crime shows, I first gave the pilot a shot because I wanted to see how the story would unfold. From day 1, I knew “Adam” was not really Adam, but, who was he and where are the show-runners going to take this? That’s the curiosity with which I kept watching the show. 

The first few episodes were painfully slow. You knew what was happening but you still kept watching because you didn’t know WHY it was happening. I just wanted to know the “answer” to so many little questions that were being presented, even though the big picture (Is he Adam) was pretty obvious. 

It wasn’t until the last four episodes when the show finally caught my interest – it picked up the pace, it started answering questions instead of presenting new ones but still had plenty of twists left that seemed to be worth waiting for. In a way, the show reminded me of the failed season 1 of Ryan Phillipe starrer Secrets and Lies. Not so much the premise of the show, but the fact that it was also a very slow paced mystery which unfolded at snail pace until the last three episodes of the series. 

So, if you don’t have 13 hours to spend in front of the TV, watch the first two episodes to get a grasp on the backstory, then fast forward to the last four episodes. This way, if something from the end of the series strikes you as interesting, you can go back to watch what you missed. I though the finale was the best episode of the season, sadly, it was also the last episode of the series. ABC canceled the show; can’t say I’m totally surprised, but I am mildly disappointed because I REALLY would’ve wanted to see what happens next.

Another show bites the dust in network television. Why does anyone bother anymore? Just go straight to Netflix or Hulu with your pitch – chances are, you’ll have a much better shot.

Happy Watching!

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