Everlane, Where Have You Been?

I discovered a great brand today, Everlane. It first caught my eyes during a research for the best duffel travel bags for men (I was looking for a gift for my brother’s upcoming birthday). As I narrowed it down to three, I realized Everlane was the only brand I had not heard of before (J. Crew and Frost River were the other two). It was also the perfect piece (simple, clean design, sophisticated yet, reasonably priced) of the lot for my brother.  But, what really kept my interest was their business model, Radical Transparency: Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why. 

Transparent pricing for the Twill Weekender

I’ve never come across a brand that was so openly honest about their cost and pricing! Upon seeing this, I did some research on the brand to see what consumers (it is not a registered BBB company, so I read blog post reviews and youtube haul video reviews) and employees (Glassdoor) were saying. I will leave links to some of the online reviews at the bottom of this post. After spending what I think was a decent amount of time reading reviews, I was sold! I hope as many have pointed out, the company does not become too corporate and lose focus on their business model, because it looks like they have a really good thing going here.

I don’t often promote a brand until I’ve tried the product and am satisfied with them, but, I am making an exception with Everlane. I’ve bought the bag for my brother and will have to wait to see how he feels about it, but I hope he will enjoy it as much as I have virtually enjoyed the process of reviewing and purchasing this product. 

If you’ve shopped with them, please share your thoughts below. And if you’re curious to give them a try, here is a referral link to help you shop!

Happy Shopping!

Links to a few reviews:



Lindsey Kubly

Stylewise Blog

Temporary Housewife

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