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Daily Recommendation: Home Depot

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January 2: Home Depot

This recommendation is geared towards those who steer clear of Home Depot and/or those who potentially have not stepped foot into one. To you, I say, Go to a Home Depot at least once every few months. It is really important for people to know what Home Depot carries and how much of those household repairs that you pay someone else to do, can be done on your own! I am was the type who would rather pay a plumber to come fix a running water problem in a toilet than attempt it myself.

Against my will and desire, I was forced to search for a toilet repair kit at Home Depot this past weekend. And much to my surprise, everything I was looking for (and many things I had not even considered) were available at my finger tips and for a fraction of the cost of a plumber! So, if you are a home owner or looking to become one in the future, a visit to Home Depot is recommended, if not required. I know it may not appear to be the most exciting place to be, but it is an incredibly informative place. 

Have you been to a Home Depot recently? Which aisle do you find yourself lingering in?

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