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Daily Recommendation: Lush Spa NYC

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January 3: Lush Spa NYC

Today’s recommendation is all about the Lush spa in NYC (Lexington Avenue). My friend and I went in celebration of our birthdays and it was so much fun! I had “The Spell” treatment – which is described on their website as “a magical foot treatment to vanquish your worried soul. Do you want to move forward? The Spell is probably the first step. An enchanting take on the traditional foot treatment, The Spell treats the whole body through the feet with a foot soak, scrub and massage.”


Upon arrival, we were taken upstairs to a dining room/kitchen area where we sat with our massage therapists and they went over the products that would be used and the history behind the treatments we each selected. Mine even had a small ritual; on a small parchment like paper, I wrote down a worry I wanted to get rid of and put it in the kettle. Then, Jay, my massage therapist, lit a match and put the fire in the kettle to vanish the worry away. It was cute, very unlikely to come true, but fun nonetheless. 






After the session is over (60 minute), you are given tea that is individualized for the specific treatment you have, along with the short bread and given all the time in the world to sit and sip. But that is not all, the icing on the cake is the full size product you get to bring home! Depending on your treatment and what was used on you, the therapist will select a product for you to bring home. Who doesn’t want to come home with a full size product?


Post Treatment Tea & Full Size Product Gift

Here are some tidbits that really sold Lush to me and made me want to recommend it to you:

  • For all 60 minute treatments, you are told to allocate 2 hours, this is so they can go over the pre treatment information and allow for you to have some post treatment relaxation, all without any rush. 
  • Each therapist only sees 3 clients a day! Like I said, they don’t want you feeling rushed. 
  • Each therapist is trained in all the treatments and they are trained in England, for four months! Yea, they take their Spa seriously at lush. 
  • Any product you see in their restroom (everything from shower products, make up, fragrances, lotions, dry shampoo, et al) are free for you to use. This way, you get to try out products you’ve been considering buying and if you like it, go downstairs to the store and get it! 

All in all, it was such a fun experience that I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend you give it a try if you are ever in NYC or Philly (the only two spa locations in North America)

Word of caution: Due to the limited number of clients they see per day, it can be quite a task to get an appointment, so plan early!

Have you been to the Lush Spa? If so, what is your favorite treatment? 

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