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Daily Recommendation: African Black Soap Lotion

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January 11: African Black Soap Lotion

IMG_2038I recently came back from a trip to New Mexico, which was incredibly relaxing! The food and beauty products there were to die for. I love how the atmosphere in Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque were geared towards holistic, organic, and nature made products. Just being there was soothing for my soul. So, naturally, my souvenirs consisted of just that: food and organic beauty products. I’ve been using most of them since but noticed that I ran out of one product way ahead of the others, and therefore, today’s daily recommendation is all about that, African black soap lotion. 


IMG_2039Found at a handmade soap and lotion store, Gabby’s Handmade Soap, in Old Town Albuquerque. The store is absolutely adorable and filled wall to wall with soaps and lotions of various scents. I picked up 6 products! But the African black soap lotion is definitely my favorite (clearly). Made up of shea butter, palm ash, plantain peel and papaya; have you ever heard of a more delicious combination? 

This lotion is incredibly creamy and very gentle yet effective on my rather dry skin without the greasy feel. My skin literally soaks it up within seconds of applying the product (that’s how dry my skin gets in the winter time) and leaves me hydrated for hours! Comes in a 2 oz containers, perfect size to throw in your bag while on the go. Costs $4.99 and if you’re not headed to Albuquerque anytime soon but would like to give the product a try, they ship anywhere in the US for a flat shipping rate of $9. So, buy as many products as you want, and still pay the same shipping fee! 

I will be restocking the African black soap lotion and purchasing a few new products soon. If you try any of their products, please let me know how you like them below. I’d love to know your opinion. 

Thank you for reading! Happy Monday! 

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