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Daily Recommendation: Spend Your Birthday with Your Parents

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January 9/10: Spend Your Birthday with Your Parents

Disclaimer: I realize this is a very personal suggestion and not everyone is in a situation in which they are able to (or want to) spend time with their parents. This post is not meant to be insensitive to anyone in those circumstances. 

I turned 34 on January 9th and spent majority of the day with my mom, going to lunch, movies, coffee & then ending the day with cutting a cake. It was quiet, calm, lovely but most importantly, it made my mom really happy. 

Birthday spent with the woman who I owe everything

Once I became a teenager, and more so in my twenties, I spent most of my birthdays with my friends, because at that age, parents are in the back burner of our minds. Not that I ever neglected my parents on my birthday, but I did significantly decrease the importance of spending the day with them. I figured, my parents see me all the time, I would like to do fun things with my friends instead. 

Now, in my 30s, I find myself doing the opposite. I spend my actual birthday with my parents and family and I celebrate with my friends on a day/weekend before or after (sometimes several weekends in a row) my birthday. In fact, that’s how the month long celebrations came into play. 

I’ve come to realize that no one cares more about the day of my birth than the people who gave birth to me, and in my case, especially my mom. She has spent her whole life sacrificing for my brothers and I. In return, she has never asked for much other than some of our time. Spending the day with her this year served as an important reminder that only reason I am here is because of her, her love, her dedication, her selflessness and her prayers. How could I take the celebration of my birthday away from her, when it is probably far more important to her than even me? 

34th Birthday Cake

So, that’s my recommendation for today. When you have your birthday this year, take some extra time to spend it with the people who created you. Because I know for a fact that without my mother, I would not be here today. 

Oh and Happy Birthday! 

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