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Daily Recommendation: Paint Nite

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February 19: Paint Nite

I love painting! I just didn’t know it until I went to my first Paint Nite, which was further confirmed from the subsequent second and third paint nites.

Paint Nite is usually a 2 hour session in a bar/restaurant where you follow the instructor and create your own masterpieces, all while sipping your favorite alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage. It’s a great atmosphere to let loose, hang out with your favorite people and give painting a shot. The funniest thing is, you actually learn quite a bit about painting (techniques, colors, etc.) but you don’t necessarily realize it at the time.


By the way, you don’t have to be a drinker to enjoy paint nite. I’ve been to three, never having sipped a single time and I had a blast! Check out my “masterpieces”. 




Although I’ve only done painting with Paint Nite, there are plenty of other companies out there offering the same service.Check out Groupon for deals near you.

Happy Painting!

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