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Daily Recommendation: Gecko Active Beach Blanket / Picnic Blanket

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Sorry guys, I skipped a day (February 24) because I was literally exhausted when I got home and passed out before I could finish the blog post. So without further ado, here you go!

February 25: Gecko Active Beach Blanket / Picnic Blanket

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.17.57 AM
photo courtesy of geckoactive.com


You know what’s been missing from you beach adventures? This 6′ x 7′ Gecko active beach blanket/mat, so big, it’ll fit all your friends and families!

Made out of 100% nylon, it’s super lightweight, quick drying and the sand literally falls right off of it. It has “anchor” corners to help Going to the beach has never been less sandy or an easier clean up! The material keeps the blanket constantly cool no matter how hot that sun gets. It also comes with snap buttons on the sides, so you can attach two or more of the same blankets together to make it as big as you need for your party!

Seriously, this will revolutionize your beach experience. It comes in three bright color combinations (I have the yellow and green), so you can spot your things no matter how far out you swim. 

IMG_4955 IMG_4956







Best part? It shrinks into pouch size! In fact, thanks to its compact size, not only does it not take up much room in your luggage/carry-on/beach bag, but it comes with a little clip so it can just hang from any of your belongings. 

At $23-28, it’s one of my favorite items to pack on any beach outing (whether on home turf or on travel). So, if you love going to the beach, but can’t stand the messy clean up after, you need to head over to Amazon and purchase this immediately. 

Happy Beaching!



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