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Daily Recommendation: Plant Nanny App

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February 23: Plant Nanny App

FullSizeRender 203
Plant Nanny app

Today on Snapchat, a beauty youtube-r mentioned the Plant Nanny app (free on app Store) that was helping her track how much water she was drinking. At first, I dismissed it thinking it was yet another app to stay on top of. But the name made me curious and I checked it out. Verdict: What a cute app! Not that you should download it for its cuteness, but it is definitely an added bonus. 

How does it work: Based on your weight (lbs or kg) and your daily activity level data inputs, the app generates how much (oz or ml) water you should drink each day. It lets you select the type of glass/bottle you generally drink from and the volume of water (oz or ml) you have in each serving. Once all the technical stuff is out of the way, the fun begins!

FullSizeRender 202

You pick a plant that you’d like to grow (plethora of options to choose from) and the survival of the plant depends on how much water you drink. For every glass of water you drink, you receive what is known as “water of life” points. This allows you to water your plant.


If during the day, it appears as though you’re not drinking enough, your plant will appear to be sad. Honestly, if that doesn’t make you want to drink water (or lie and save the plant anyway) then you’re just a monster! I kid. I kid. 

FullSizeRender 199
look at its face!

You can even set up reminders so you don’t forget to drink water. 


FullSizeRender 201
setup reminders


And since the app is free, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying! 

Do you use an app to help you drink more water? Share below if you’ve found something that works great for you!

Happy drinking…and planting!

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