2017 Reading Challenge – Calling all Bookworms

Are you a bookworm? If so, then you MUST check out Pop Sugar’s 2017 Reading Challenge. As a huge book lover, but one who doesn’t get nearly enough time to read, I thought partaking in this challenge would be the perfect push I need to ensure I’m reading…ALL year! So I’ve decided to join and want to invite all of you!  Continue reading “2017 Reading Challenge – Calling all Bookworms”


You Do Not Represent Me

As a woman, there is one category in which I am under and/or not represented well: the inevitable road to motherhood.

Mother’s Day passed a couple of weeks ago and all over social media, I read comments from proud mommas. They were filled with joy, pride, happiness and in several cases, an inaccurate statement representing all women. Although, not verbatim, they all seem to elude that Motherhood was the ultimate goal for women.

Whoa there! Err…not really.

If you think the female voice is unheard amongst the male dominant society, I’ve got news for you. Plenty of female voices go unheard within our own circle. Continue reading “You Do Not Represent Me”

Daily Recommendation: Power of Positivity

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May 31: Positivity

This month has been quite draining, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s been very easy to fall into a “screw it” mindset, but I’ve fought to stay positive (not always effectively). I’ve always maintained that it’s really important to keep a positive outlook on life and everyday happenings, which I admit is easier said than done. Even when something terrible happens, I try to find the silver lining and encourage my loved ones to do the same. Recent events have tested my patience and I was really glad to have come across this YouTube video by Kaushal Beauty.

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Daily Recommendation: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram

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April 28: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram

Who’s OpinionatedWanderlust


I’ve totally revamped my Instagram over the last few weeks, adopted weekly themes to keep it fun for you as a viewer and challenging for me as the author. I’m sharing only my best photos so you see the best of what I see. I’ve got tons of ideas that I intend to implement in the near future, including contests and giveaways.  Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram”

Daily Recommendation: Don’t Begin with “So” on Snapchat

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April 2/3: Don’t  Begin with “So” on Snapchat

It’s as annoying as saying “umm” during a presentation, the word, “so”. I felt my body cringe every time I heard myself begin a snap with the word and soon realized that I wasn’t the only one. The amount of people who began their snaps with the same useless word was paramount! So, I decided  to do quick research to see if it was a talked about topic, and what do you know? It certainly is! Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Don’t Begin with “So” on Snapchat”

Daily Recommendation: 7 Day Compilation

I am so sorry for the lack of daily recommendation posts over the last two weeks (!!), but I’ve been on travel and super busy which has led to a seriously (and inexcusable) lapse in posts. So, I thought I would do a multi-day recommendation post instead (in an attempt to catch up). And I promise to get back on track, very soon! 

So without further ado, here are my 7 day daily recommendations! 

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Daily Recommendation: Plant Nanny App

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February 23: Plant Nanny App

FullSizeRender 203
Plant Nanny app

Today on Snapchat, a beauty youtube-r mentioned the Plant Nanny app (free on app Store) that was helping her track how much water she was drinking. At first, I dismissed it thinking it was yet another app to stay on top of. But the name made me curious and I checked it out. Verdict: What a cute app! Not that you should download it for its cuteness, but it is definitely an added bonus.  Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: Plant Nanny App”

Daily Recommendation: Kindle Unlimited

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January 18: Kindle Unlimited

Love reading books? Spend oodles of money buying books? Travel a lot? Always on the go? Ever get tired of physically carrying books?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you need to try Kindle Unlimited by Amazon. It’s unlimited reading, unlimited listening and you can use any device, you don’t need to have a Kindle! Just download the Kindle app on your computer, tablet and/or phone and voila! For $9.99 a month, you’ve got books and audiobooks at your fingertips! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.13.46 AM
Courtesy of Amazon.com

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Daily Recommendation: Groupon

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January 14: Groupon

I’ve been using Groupon on and off for years; I’ve tried Travelzoo as well as LivingSocial and while both have been useful at times, I’ve found Groupon to have the most variety and consistency. The products/services I’ve purchased from there include but are not limited to the following:

  • Facials
  • Restaurants
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Afternoon Tea
11800124_10153034453151186_39866663040089868_n copy
Afternoon Tea at the Pembroke Room in The Lowell, New York City

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Snapchat Allows Me to (Really) Be Myself

I’ve been on Snapchat for about 3 weeks now (for the second time) and I was about as hesitant as anyone can get. You can read all about that here. But, after almost a month of using it daily, I can say this much: Snapchat allows me to really be myself. What do I mean by that? Well, if you follow me on TwitterFacebook and especially if we’re Facebook friends (on my private account), then you know that I make no qualms about speaking my mind. But even with being as vocal as I am, I am a devoted user of the Facebook privacy settings. While my “close friends” list gets to view the unedited version of me, the “work”, “limited”, “parents”, “student’s parents” et al lists get a much more tone down version. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’m the queen of privacy settings. Continue reading “Snapchat Allows Me to (Really) Be Myself”