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Daily Recommendation: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram

To watch my daily recommendations on Snapchat, be sure to follow me at “SaadiaExplores”. April 28: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram Who's OpinionatedWanderlust?  Me! I've totally revamped my Instagram over the last few weeks, adopted weekly themes to keep it fun for you as a viewer and challenging for me as the author. I'm sharing only my… Continue reading Daily Recommendation: Follow OpinionatedWanderlust on Instagram

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Daily Recommendation: 7 Day Compilation

I am so sorry for the lack of daily recommendation posts over the last two weeks (!!), but I've been on travel and super busy which has led to a seriously (and inexcusable) lapse in posts. So, I thought I would do a multi-day recommendation post instead (in an attempt to catch up). And I promise… Continue reading Daily Recommendation: 7 Day Compilation