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Daily Recommendation: Power of Positivity

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May 31: Positivity

This month has been quite draining, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s been very easy to fall into a “screw it” mindset, but I’ve fought to stay positive (not always effectively). I’ve always maintained that it’s really important to keep a positive outlook on life and everyday happenings, which I admit is easier said than done. Even when something terrible happens, I try to find the silver lining and encourage my loved ones to do the same. Recent events have tested my patience and I was really glad to have come across this YouTube video by Kaushal Beauty.

Although she didn’t say anything I didn’t already know, it was the perfect timing for a gentle reminder of the things I could do to get my mentality back on track. After all, who hasn’t fallen of the wagon? Am I right? Bad things happen to people everyday, it’s knowing how to react to that (mentally and physically) that makes a world of difference. 

If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, give this video a watch. Hopefully, it will remind you to be kinder to yourself, which in turn will make your life and everyone around you a bit more positive.

Happy Watching!



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