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Daily Recommendation: Don’t Begin with “So” on Snapchat

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April 2/3: Don’t  Begin with “So” on Snapchat

It’s as annoying as saying “umm” during a presentation, the word, “so”. I felt my body cringe every time I heard myself begin a snap with the word and soon realized that I wasn’t the only one. The amount of people who began their snaps with the same useless word was paramount! So, I decided  to do quick research to see if it was a talked about topic, and what do you know? It certainly is!

Except, not everyone is as bothered by it as me. Geoff Nunberg of NPR says, “It’s like a lot of other grammatical fixations: Not everybody cares about it, but the ones who do care care a whole lot.” Christina Sterbenz of Business Insider says, “The ‘so’ boom is likely a natural progression of language — not a spinoff of tech-industry jargon. And it’s helping us communicate better. ” 

Happy Snapping! 

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