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Daily Recommendation: If You Can’t Travel, READ!

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April 4: If You Can’t Travel, READ!

I’m an avid traveler and I used to be an avid reader; it’s unfortunately becoming more and more difficult to find time for the latter. But, recently I made a decision to read one book a month. I figured if I can make time for everything else in my life, a few minutes of reading before bed should not be so tasking. With that new goal in mind, I bring you today’s recommendation.


When I am unable to travel, reading is my greatest escape (aside from scouting social media for those inspiring photos of places I’ve been and places I’d like to go). I love process of transforming words on pages into detailed visuals in my imagination. I love the emotional ride a book takes me on, the connection I make with the characters and places I can’t touch but I can see. So while the physical attribute of traveling may be missing, the emotional is not. I am still going places, just in a different manner. But above all, I love reading because I am constantly learning. I learn even when I don’t think I have. The mind begins to expand, irrespective of the subject matter. When you read, you become a more knowledgable person, your vocabulary expands, your ability to communicate improves. In fact, just like travel, reading does not have a negative impact. It can only help you grow as a person and who doesn’t want that?

Is reading a substitute for traveling? No, but it is definitely the next best thing! 

Happy reading!


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