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Reflections on turning 35

Last week I turned 35! And a week later, I am ready to properly share my reflection of this new age bracket. My initial reaction to my 35th birthday was one of uncertainty.  It wasn't so much about turning 35 as it was about the idea of 40 creeping up sooner than ever. Because 40 seems like… Continue reading Reflections on turning 35

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You Do Not Represent Me

As a woman, there is one category in which I am under and/or not represented well: the inevitable road to motherhood. Mother's Day passed a couple of weeks ago and all over social media, I read comments from proud mommas. They were filled with joy, pride, happiness and in several cases, an inaccurate statement representing all… Continue reading You Do Not Represent Me

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Daily Recommendation: Travel Services of Opinionated Wanderlust

Today's daily recommendation is probably my most favorite, because it's sort of a "shameless plug"! April 7: Travel Services of Opinionated Wanderlust Many of you know that I have a travel blog, Opinionated Wanderlust and some of you know that a few weeks ago, I officially launched my travel services. Naturally, I've been thinking of… Continue reading Daily Recommendation: Travel Services of Opinionated Wanderlust

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Daily Recommendation: Pillow Mist

To watch my daily recommendations on Snapchat, be sure to follow me at “SaadiaExplores”. March 3: Pillow Mist Have trouble falling asleep? Need a soothing smell but don't wanna risk burning a candle all night? Then, pillow mist is for you. I suffer from sleep deprivation on the regular, and between the breathing technique and… Continue reading Daily Recommendation: Pillow Mist

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Daily Recommendation: Do Something New Every Month

To watch my daily recommendations on Snapchat, be sure to follow me at “SaadiaExplores”. March 1: Do Something New Every Month It's not always easy to do something new every week, but doing something new every month is totally attainable, you just have to be open minded about what "new" thing to try. It can… Continue reading Daily Recommendation: Do Something New Every Month

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My Advice To New Graduates

Most colleges in the States have already had their graduation. Now, as a newly graduate you are either sitting idle at home pondering on the next phase of your life, using the summer as a breather before going off to grad school or some other form of higher education or prepping to step into the working world. All with… Continue reading My Advice To New Graduates

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Cinderella Turns 65!

In honor of the 65th anniversary of Walt Disney's Cinderella (released February 15, 1950), I watched the film after a long time and wanted to share a few of my favorite scenes, random observations and fun facts about one of Disney's most cherished classics.  Favorite Scenes The introduction of Gus Gus. The making of Cinderella's dress by… Continue reading Cinderella Turns 65!