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When is Capital Punishment Acceptable?

I struggle with the concept capital punishment. On one hand, I do not believe that a human being has the right to take life away, but on the other hand, there are individuals of pure evil among us that do not deserve the light of day. I recently read and saw the videos of Philip Chism’s verdicts after he raped and killed his high school math teacher, Colleen Ritzer, at Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts. He was found guilty of robbery, rape and murder, serving 25, 40 and 40 years of jail time concurrently for the heinous acts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court does not allow life sentence for juveniles, which is essentially what prevented Philip Chism from getting one. The whole thing is sos disturbing and disgusting. The family will have to keep reliving the day of their daughter/sister’s death with each parole hearing that Chism will be allowed to have beginning in 38 years from now. My heart breaks for the Ritzer family and it is stories like this that make me support Capital Punishment. This kid has no right to live let alone receive parole! The defense that he was “stressed” from his parents divorce which led to a mental breakdown is just absurd. People are stressed through divorces all the time, they don’t all rape and murder people!

He is a disgust to society and the fact that these stupid laws against juveniles exist is pathetic! If you have the brains to get up each morning, go to school and live your life, you have the brains to know rape and murder are heinous acts! Just sickening. 

Thoughts and prayers for the Ritzer family.

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