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Daily Recommendation: Lush’s King of Skin Body Butter

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March 4: Lush’s King of Skin Body Butter

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.02.39 AM
Photo courtesy of Lush USA

Today, I ran out of my Aveeno lotion and as I was showering, I remembered that I had bought Lush’s King of Skin body butter a couple of months ago. So, I finally decided to use it. I was quite skeptical when I made the purchase but a friend of mine raved about the product. I have to say, she was right! It’s a buttery lotion you use on your skin right after shower, but before drying off. It works very similarly to using baby oil. The water on your skin helps lock in the moisture from the butter bar and keeps your skin smooth for hours on end. In fact, I didn’t even need to apply lotion the whole day after the shower and I have incredibly dry skin during the winter months. 

Made out of  bananas and avocados with a base of oat milk and lavender, you know exactly what is going on your skin. If you have been skeptical about the Lush body butters (as I have), then give this a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can purchase it online at Lush (or at the store) for $14.95.

Happy Lush-ing! 

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