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Daily Recommendation: Swing Time

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May 5/6: Swing Time!

FullSizeRender 208This weekend, I spent it with my friend from high school (and my first college roommate) back on the swing sets in front of our freshman dorm at our university. It was a serious walk down memory lane. We used to spend hours swinging, looking at the night sky and discussing life (consisting mainly of the matters of the heart). 

Today, as we were swinging on the same swing set, 16 years later, I was reminded of how relaxing (and physical) swinging really is. It is sort of mindless, in that, once you have your momentum, you just sort of let it carry you through. However, it still requires effort to keep the momentum afloat. So, while a good mental distraction, it still requires just enough attention/focus (physical) to stay in the zone. 

Can you remember the last time you were on a swing?  How you felt? Well, go. Go to a park near you, get on that swing, and let your mind be free. You’ll either have an epiphany or you’ll just feel relaxed. Either way, it’s a win!

Happy Swinging! 


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