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Daily Recommendation: Lucky Brand Emmie Flats

I didn’t share a daily recommendation yesterday, because I honestly couldn’t think of anything that was worth mentioning. So, instead of picking something just for the sake of a post, I decided to skip. After all, the purpose of these recommendations is to be genuine. But, today I do have something for you. 

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May 8: Lucky Brand Emmie Flats

Today was a beautiful, sunshiny day with a high of 66ºF, which is essentially Spring to us. First time this season, I looked at my flats and considered wearing them over boots and that’s when I knew I needed to tell all of you about the Emmie flats. They are incredibly comfortable, but I will tell you that a little bit of breaking in is necessary, and they come in such fun colors, prints and textures. They are my favorite pair of flats to take on travel because they go with everything! In fact, I own about 7 pairs (proof that they are my favorite). Versatile enough that they can be dressed up or down, available in wide width for those who needed the extra room for comfort and in the mid range price ($50-$70, though they can be found for less on sale)

Available for purchase at Macys, Lucky Brand or Amazon. If you’ve never tried them before, this might be the season to give it a shot. 

Do you have a favorite brand of flats? If so, please share below.

Happy Walking! 





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