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Daily Recommendation: Dry Erase Board

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April 8: Dry Erase Board

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.40.00 AM


This weekend my friend and I discussed at length about getting our lives back on track and in some form of a routine (my life is super chaotic and hers just needs some direction). Then, it dawned on me that in an episode of I Love Lucy, Ricky creates a schedule board for Lucy on a dry erase board. Although the ultimate conclusion portrayed it as a bad idea to run a household, it definitely is a great way for two adult women to get into a proper routine. Nothing like a schedule staring you in the face to get you to stop procrastinating and restructuring your priorities.

If you’re life is a bit off course, consider getting a dry erase board, where you can write down a schedule for yourself (change it as needed) and see what a huge difference it makes in your day to day life and overall productivity level. Of course, remember to schedule in some R&R for yourself (which lacked in Ricky’s plan)

Happy Planning!

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