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Daily Recommendation: Do Your Own Tax

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April 13: Do Your Own Tax

I’ve been doing my taxes by myself for a few years now and with TaxAct (there are plenty of other options out there as well), it is incredibly easy! I love the step by step guidance it provides which makes me feel comfortable enough to do it on my own. I used to go to H&R Block for many years but the sheer cost of having to fill out two extra pages (schedule x forms) would skyrocket my fees upwards of $300-400. Fed up with having to pay this absurd amount of money for someone else to do it, I turned to TaxAct to help me – and its been wonderfully easy!

I have a W-2, 1099, property, student loans, and most of the same forms majority of Americans do, and yet it poses me problems for me to file on my own. If you’ve been dishing out tons of money for someone else to do your taxes, consider doing it on your own. You can check to see how much you would get back by doing your own vs. going to someone else, and if the difference is significant, then don’t file. It definitely doesn’t hurt to try it yourself once. 

I know that I could get back a little bit more if I went to a professional, but the fees don’t justify the difference in my case, which is why for the 3rd year in a row, I’ve done my own taxes.

At the end, whichever method you choose, may you have a happy tax return!


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