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Daily Recommendation: Write Expenses Daily

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April 12: Write Expenses, Daily

FullSizeRender 211
sample of my recent trip expense

One of my best habits on travel is that I write down EVERY SINGLE expense. As a result, I know exactly how much each individual trip costs me, which helps me calculate my annual spendings on travel. Recently, I started doing the same thing for day trips I take around my own state (New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, etc.). It’s been an eye opener to visually see the damage I’m doing to my wallet and has made me a much more conscious spender.  

Now, I’m considering taking it to the next level and writing my expenses down on a daily basis. Imagine the life changes I will make when I see how much those everyday “small” expenses really add up. I mean I’ve always known that they add up, but I don’t really tally it up regularly to keep an accurate account of those expenses.

I feel like it will not only limit my excess spending but it will make a positive impact on one of the most important things in my life, travel. Saving money from the daily unnecessary spendings will allow me to travel more, which is really all I want! In fact, it might even help me purchase those coveted items I keep putting off for “later”. 

Do you keep track of your expenses? Where do you write them all down? Has it helped improve your financial situation? If this post has inspired you to give it a try, let me know how it works out for you! 

Happy Tracking!

To watch my daily recommendations on Snapchat, be sure to follow me at “SaadiaExplores”.

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