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Daily Recommendation: Visit a Chiropractor

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April 14: Visit a Chiropractor

I have always brushed off the idea of seeing a chiropractor. To me, they were “foo-faa” doctors; I am ashamed to have had such a narrow minded outlook on the subject. However, recently, due to a recommendation from my trainer, I went to see a Chiropractor and if I hadn’t physically been there myself, I wouldn’t believe what I witnessed. He did a “test” on me, not sure what it was called, but it was an assessment of sorts. After which, he did some adjustments and re-did the assessment test. To my amazement and (serious surprise), the problems my body had during the initial assessment did not exist during the follow up test! It was like magic, no, really! I was so impressed that I went back two more times since then and have noticed the aches and pains in my body decline at a very steady pace.

Unfortunately, I also found out that my insurance does not cover the Chiropractor I’ve been seeing and am currently in the market for a new one. If you’ve never been to a Chiropractor, visit one.  I know that not all Chiropractors are the same, much like no two doctors are the same. So, it’s possible you may end up with one you don’t like. Still, I think it’s definitely worth a try. And don’t forget to check with your insurance company to find a Chiropractor in your network. 

Happy Adjustment!


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