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Daily Recommendation: Focus on the Keywords, Everything Else is Noise

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June 8: Focus on the Keywords, Everything Else is Noise

Today’s recommendation is a bit more mystic, personal and extra-subjective. Yet, it applies to all of us. We are constantly surrounded by voices – at work, at home, at social gatherings and not to mention the ones that are inside our own head. After awhile, you either get overwhelmed with all that or you become complacent. Neither has a positive outcome. It’s important to take a step back every now and again, and see your life from an outside perspective. It’s like when people say they are float out of their body and look down at themselves (or was that just Rachel from “Friends”?). Either way, a step back reflection is often required. 

At those times, I have to pep talk myself (sometimes out loud) and remember that I just need to focus on the key words – that words that will make a positive impact on my life, the words that will change who I am and how I am leading my life for the better. Everything else I hear, especially that which brings me down, is all noise and should be done away with.

So, listen. Find a quiet moment and listen. Do you hear all that? Now, find the key words. 

That’s what matters.

Happy Focusing!

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