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Best Pizza… EVER in Kutna Hora!

Small town. Dark. Gray. Cloudy. Medieval. Cobblestones. Quiet. Secluded. Historic. No English. These are the words that describe the little town of Kutna Hora in Czech Republic. It was quite an interesting January Tuesday when Dad and I ventured off from the capital of Prague to visit the Bohemian town of Kutna Hora. I knew it was going to be a dark town, but I guess I didn’t really know what more to expect. Certainly didn’t know that we’d be having the BEST pizza we’ve ever had here of all places! After some vague direction from a non-English speaking local, then from a fluent English speaking local and with the help of a map from the information center, we walked all around the little town. Eventually, we were starving and being on a budget meant no fancy sit down restaurant, though to be honest, nothing could really qualify as fancy in Kutna Hora. Down an alley towards St. James Church, off of the central square we stumbled on a little pizza shop, Mini Pizzeria Vita. 

apologies for the blurry photo, it’s all I had

It wasn’t your usual pizza parlor that we see in the states. There wasn’t a place to sit, and as we ate the most delicious pizza ever (hang on, I’m getting there), we realized that this facade of a store was an extra space added to the front of the couple’s home. It was clearly an independent family owned shop, but literally at the foot of their home! The walls of the shop were colored in red white and green. There were two shelves, one on each wall with three stools to sit on. It was definitely an “on-the-go” pizzeria. 

Ok, ok now let me get to the YUMMY part, THE PIZZA! Dad and I each got a slice of spinach pizza, but no, this was no ordinary slice (it was a double slice) and no ordinary spinach pizza (it was a thin sliced, just enough sauce and cheese, not like the overly loaded slices in the states, with perfect amount of flavorful spinach). My dad is not a big pizza person, so for him to have absolutely loved it is a real statement of appreciation. There’s one more thing, it was only 25 kc ($1USD). Let me tell you, there is no pizza you’ll have had for a $1 that will have ever been THAT good (maybe with the exception of Italy).

apologies for the blurry photo, it’s all I had

It was SO good that we wanted another jumbo slice, but the owner ran out of spinach. So we opted for the mixed olives slice instead, it was also really good, but the spinach stole my heart… and tummy! So if you’re ever in Kutna Hora, head to Mini Pizzeria Vita! (Turns out they have a facebook page. Why am I not surprised?)

Yummy Eatings!

Mini Pizzeria Vita | Jakubska 82, 28401, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic | 737555132 | M-F: 8:00am-10:00pm | S: 8:00am-6:00pm

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