A Little Heart to Heart

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to write a follow up/update kind of post because it’s been nearly 12 weeks since my last post and I feel like I owe you an explanation on my absence, rather than just jump straight into a new blog post.

When I first started this particular blog, I had three goals:

  1. I needed a place to talk about my thoughts that weren’t travel related (please follow Spirited Navigators if you love all things travel).
  2. I wanted to combine my food blog and the non-travel blog into one site/space so I could manage them better, instead of trying to keep up with a total of three sites.
  3. I wanted to write Daily Recommendations so I could share my finds with you and also force myself to write daily. Hence the title.

The last was rather ambitious but something I really thought I could do since the daily recommendation posts weren’t meant to be long or drawn out. They would be quick posts that would be informative for you, the reader, and good practice for me to get in the habit of writing daily.

In an attempt to try and keep up with my Daily Recommendation posts, I was rarely getting time to write about all the other things I wanted to talk to you all about. So I was beginning to feel pressure to write without being given the time to write about the topics I wanted to discuss. I was just too busy trying to find the recommendation for each day. That was never my sole intention for the site.

The last few months, I’ve been traveling, A LOT. As a result, finding time to keep up on here has been difficult. But I never wanted this site or my readers here to feel secondary. So, I apologize if you’ve felt the neglect that I know this blog has felt from me.

So to end the year on a positive note and to really begin 2017 with a much more attainable goal, I’ve decided that my daily recommendations will switch to bi-weekly instead. This will allow me time to write not just about great finds but also everything else I wish to discuss.

I want to thank you for your loyalty and for your understanding. I promise to bring more topics of interest to this site as we continue forward with this new change in pace.

More to come soon!

In the meantime, if you are looking for great gift ideas (especially for a traveler in your life), then check out our latest post on Spirited Navigators, the guide to buying the best gifts for travelers!

Till next time…Happy Reading (& Shopping)!

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