Why I Haven’t Written in a Year

It has been 344 days since my last blog post! That is nothing short of pathetic because I don’t have a life altering reason for why it hasn’t happened. I simply have not found the time (or more accurately the priority) to write on here. Every few minutes I had to myself, went to doing something else or I’ll be totally honest, to getting some rest! But I find that neither excusable nor acceptable. 

This was my one space where I could write without overthinking. The subject matters are allowed to be as broad as my mind will allow and there is nothing and no one hovering over me to ensure that the content is “quality”…well, no one other than myself, of course. Still, I find myself so disgraced by my own lack of action, to not allow myself a few minutes a week to just pen my thoughts.

Last year, I decided to change my “daily recommendations” to “bi-weekly” — did not manage to make that happen, either.

Before I began writing this post, I looked through my three previous posts to see what I had written, where I was in life and what I had set out to accomplish. I am happy to say that there is one thing I managed to do: PROGRESS.

So here are a list of things from my New Year’s Resolution last year that I DID manage to do:

  • With respect to materialistic things: Replenish, Do NOT Add. 

I definitely did a great job with this, especially during my massive (downsizing) move from a 4 bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. I got rid of everything I did not NEED and didn’t think twice about it. I couldn’t believe the amount of “sentimental” stuff I had held onto for years. If you are looking to downsize, become a minimalist, I have one tip for you: if you did not reach for it in months or years, you don’t need it!

  • With respect to change: Embrace it.
    • The year was full of big changes:
      • I moved…homes, townships, and my general daily life routine
      • I took two life altering trips
      • I dealt with some health issues, of my own and my close family members
      • watched my loved ones struggle through some big changes of their own
      • I finally had to say goodbye to my most prized possession, my car! She gave out after 9 years and 240,118 miles (this happened earlier in the week)

But I did not let myself forget my mantra: Perspective; it’s everything.

  • With respect to body: Live Healthy.

This has not been a consistent progress. I began swimming at the beginning of the year and was going full force on it, but with travels and the big headache of moving, it took a serious back burner. I have however switched to a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet and that has worked wonders for me. Although I fall off the wagon every other month, I’m glad I found something that works, now it’s a matter of making it a routine/lifestyle.

  • With respect to relationships: Spend Time with Loved Ones.

Generally speaking, this is always my strongest suit. I spend PLENTY of time with my family, despite how far away we all are physically. But, there is always room for improvement, especially with my brothers, both of whom reside in two far corners of the world.

  • With respect to ME time: Do the PopSugar Reading Challenge. 

This has been so much fun! I did not reach the goal I set out for myself (52 books), but it is safe to say that was an unattainable goal to begin with. I read more books than I have in recent years and I’ve had the most fun discovering new titles and rediscovering old gems! In the process, I stumbled upon Book of the Month – my single most favorite subscription of the year! In fact, I’ve been giving this as a birthday gift to all my friends who love reading as much as I do.

I am mostly proud that I’ve been able to do the things I intended to a year ago, without re-reading my post; it’s the only place I laid it all out. I am pleasantly surprised that with all the thoughts that are constantly occupying my scattered brain, I remembered my own goals! This goes to show that my goals were an inherent part of who I wanted to be and the changes I wanted to see in myself and my life.

So, for those of you who have stayed until the end of this post, THANK YOU for reading. Here’s hoping (with the purest of intentions) that another 300+ days will not pass before we meet again in this online space.

Happy Holidays!

I’d say Merry Christmas but at the time of publishing, Christmas has been over for 45 minutes. 


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