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New Year’s Resolution: Roadmap to a Better Life

I don’t like to use the words, New Year’s Resolution, because they are really ongoing goals year-round. However, given that it is January 1st and clearly a new year, let’s call it what it is. 

I’m not going to make this post lengthy, because thanks to my beautiful Day Designer Planner, I have set some amazingly detailed goals for the year and it’s going to be my best friend/tracker/tool to a healthier, happier and more well balanced ME!

However, I do want to share my top level goals & corresponding subsets on the blog with you, in case they are helpful to you and to keep myself publicly accountable.

  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle
    • maintain weekly yoga/meditation classes
    • cook and eat homemade meals 6 days a week
    • allow a cheat/eating out day – bc lets be real
    • go for walks twice a week
    • maintain high level of activity during dance classes to incorporate weekly cardio sessions
  • Improve communication with my siblings
    • write letters/email monthly recap with my siblings (they live in two opposite corners of the world)
    • call them weekly
    • text them daily
  • Read (at least) 26 books
  • Save money
    • prepare meals at home to take to work daily, thus avoiding eating out, resulting in saving money
    • only purchase items that are a necessity or a replacement
  • Give back
    • continue monthly donation to UNICEF
    • use more fair trade/ethical/sustainable products to support artisans in remote parts of the world so that they are able to build a sustainable source of income for themselves and to make a positive impact on the environment
    • do something nice for at least one person on a daily basis
  • Show love consistently  
    • show the people who mean the most to me that they mean the most to me, everyday!
  • Write weekly blog posts on this site & daily quotes on the Facebook Page
    • blog posts will be published every Monday
  • Write 2-3 blog posts on Spirited Navigators (our travel company)
    • will publish every Monday & Friday (with an open third day; allows for flexibility with respect to the third article)
  • Find time for myself
    • spend one day a month completely disconnecting from everything (electronics, human beings, responsibilities)
    • use the calm app weekly to help create a relaxation routine/ritual
    • use 15 minutes before bed every night to decompress

Of course there are several more sub-steps for each of these goals and a few career oriented ones that I have not highlighted above. But I think, with respect to areas where I really want to put forth more effort for change, these are it.

Do you make New Year’s resolution? If so, what are they?

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a beautiful 2018 filled with positive vibes, productive endeavors, healthy lifestyle, good company, travel adventures, and tons of love, laughter, strength and happiness. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself; because only YOU can take care of YOU.

Happy New Year!





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