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January Milestones: What Were They?

When I try to reflect at the end of the year, I undoubtedly forget milestones that were hit in the past 12 months, especially if they were small. But often, it is not insignificant, small, simple milestones that lead to extraordinary impact. As a way to rectify that inevitable oversight, I have decided to keep a monthly milestone journal (in the form of a blog post because why not have the world be privy to my tedious accomplishments?)

So here is what I accomplished this month; I don’t know that all of these will feel as big or small in 12 months, but better to write it down and reflect than to attempt to remember but forget.

  1. Turned 39
    • That seems like an odd thing to count as a milestone, but it is actually a milestone. To be alive, for 39 whopping years, closing out what is going to be my last year in the 30s — there is so much emotion and anticipation associated with this!

  1. Walked/Hiked 52 Miles
    • 3 NJ State Parks Visited and Hiked
    • 6 Weekend Hikes

  1. Saw Sunrise and Sunset
    • This is my monthly goal to see sunrise and sunset once a month, not on the same day necessarily. I went to Sandy Hook State Park on my 39th birthday for the former and Great Meadows Field in Washington Township for the latter.

  1. Visited Face Gym
    • I waited over a year to try out Face Gym. I was initially going to try it in London, but with the pandemic’s onset, neither London nor the nearby New York City has been in the books for nearly a year. I finally went for my birthday this month and absolutely loved it! If my wallet allows it, then I intend to visit monthly! Check back next month to see if this is a reach or not.
this is not my full workout, only the portions i held onto my phone and could record

  1. Enrolled in an Etiquette Class
    • I’ve wanted to take a proper etiquette class for YEARS (yes, years), and it took a pandemic and the ability to do almost everything via Zoom to make time for this class. So glad I did! I loved it and intend to continue to practice the teachings regularly.

  1. Took a CreativeLive Course with Jay Shetty
    • I love taking classes, too bad you can’t earn a living just taking a class — can you? If this is a thing, please let me know in the comments below! I took a course on CreativeLive with Jay Shetty (well, not with him like it was live, but with him in that it was pre-recorded and I pretended it was live); the course was about living life with purpose, which is a lot of what his central message is.

  1. Became a Podcast Listener
    • I listen to many audiobooks, but I could never stick to listening to podcasts – not sure why. This month I finally began listening to “What Should I Read Next?” with Anne Bogel, and I absolutely love it! I get so many great ideas for my “To Be Read” list! I also started listening to “On Purpose” with Jay Shetty – not all the topics interest me, so I will probably be much more selective with this one.

  1. Read 7 Books
    • 4 Physical Books
      • Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
      • Alone Time by Stephanie Rosenbloom
      • Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella
      • Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
    • 3 Audibooks:
      • The Getaway by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
      • 1984 by George Orwell
      • Distressed Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard

  1. Restarted my Keto Weight loss + Fitness Journey
    • The last quarter of 2020 nearly killed whatever little push I had in me to sustain the year. It certainly knocked me off my weight loss journey. But, it really is more about getting back on the horse when you inevitably fall more than anything else. I finally got back on Whole30 then transitioned into Keto. So far, so good, but miles to go before I sleep!
    • I started doing yoga with my besties on Zoom on Saturdays and thats a twofold — yoga + QT!
    • And I’m finally back in the kitchen, creating delicious keto-friendly dishes.

  1. Remembering Self Care
    • I’ve been consistent about daily meditation, forest therapy, less screen time before and after bed, just my overall self-care routine. Oh, and sleep! I’ve been in bed and asleep by midnight (there have been exceptions) and up between 5:30 AM – 6:00 AM (there have been exceptions to this as well). I have my phone set to DND (Do Not Disturb) by 10 PM so that no calls, texts, or notifications come through unless I am actively on my phone. This has been a Godsend!
    • If anyone is interested in trying a meditation app, I cannot recommend the Calm app enough! Full disclosure, I have been using it for three years, and the first year, I barely used it because I didn’t find it to be helpful for where I was in my life. Second-year, I used it more frequently but was still not in the habit of embracing it fully. It took me a third-year to keep trying to find that it had finally clicked, and not only that, but it was EXACTLY what I needed. So be patient with yourself. The app may not be for you right away, or now, but someday — and maybe not even then. Remember to be open minded. Meditation does not happen overnight or even in three years. Their daily quotes are my favorite part of the meditation process!

  1. Progress in Business
    • There has been significant progress on the business front, but I don’t like to discuss those openly, so that is all for this month!

Biggest Takeaway: Stay Consistent. Get back on the Horse. Do You. Do You. Do You. For the love of God, Do You!

Here’s to February and a month of more accomplishments!

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