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Post COVID-19 Hair Loss

I have been experiencing tremendous hair loss for the last two months or so. I mean clumps of hair have been coming off with each comb stroke and not to mention the hundreds that come off every time I run my hands through my hair. I’ve been aware but only recently became really concerned because of the sheer consistency of the hair loss.

I mean, am I going to go bald? What’s happening?

Of course, hair loss is almost always synonymous with stress but truth be told, I haven’t been experiencing any big stress to speak of. You know, other than the stress of the pandemic that every other person is experiencing. I changed my shampoo twice during this fiasco, but it made no difference one way or the other. To add to that, my hair has been growing increasingly long and even more increasingly dry. It basically started to feel like straw.

So after several weeks of mild panic, I decided to do some research. Other than getting the COVID-19 virus, nothing out of the ordinary had happened to me. So I searched specifically for a correlation between COVID-19 and hair loss in addition to bodily stress and hair loss. It didn’t occur to me until this point that just because I was not experiencing mental stress, doesn’t mean my body was not experiencing physical stress. The stress of going through COVID was tremendous on my body and I found out that hair loss can take up to three months to trigger after a stressful event. Now, this made much more sense.

I knew I was long overdue for both color and cut. So, I finally did it. I made an appointment with my hairstylist at my regular salon (they have strict protocols in place to comply with the NJ statewide rules and regulations regarding COVID-19). I chopped off 10-12″, got an asymmetrical LOB (long bob) and I LOVE IT! I haven’t gone this sort in a decade and even then, it was just that one time. Short hair does not normally suit me but I’ve been so done with long hair that I desperately needed a break and my hair needed some major relief as well. I feel so much lighter, both physically and mentally. I hope the cut was the right move to get my hair loss in control (with all the dead and dry ends gone).

Although I tried various shampoos over the last few months, none of them made an impact one way or the other. A few friends of mine recommended three different brands of shampoo/conditioner to me:



  • a friend of mine has been using it and seeing results
  • its specifically designed for thinning hair
  • they have six “systems” based on your personal need
    • light thinning vs progressed thinning
    • natural hair vs colored hair vs bleached hair


  • I’m not certain that all the active ingredients are the “cleanest” per se

Wow Skin Science


  • 100% vegan ingredeints
  • South Asian brand (south asians know hair)


  • I don’t know anyone personally that has tried and tested the product

Dr. C Tuna


  • friend of a friend uses the product and I’ve seen photos of the stunning results


  • I don’t like all the active ingredients in it, including sulphate

Based on the pros and cons above, I decided to go with Nioxin first. It’s available on Amazon and Ulta. My particular system (System 3) was not available on Amazon so I bought it at Ulta.

Fingers crossed! Here’s hoping this is a step towards healthier hair!

If you have suggestions for hair loss that has worked for you, I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading and be well!

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