Daily Recommendation: How To Go Lighter If You Have Dark Hair

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June 13: How To Go Lighter If You Have Dark Hair

It took this many years, for a stylist to finally tell me how to take my naturally dark hair (photo left) to a much lighter shade (photo right) that I’ve been trying to attempt every summer. The key: you have to get your hair lightened gradually but in frequent back to back sessions. That’s it! You can’t expect to go from dark black hair to light brown/blonde highlights in one session, it is impossible without severely damaging your hair.

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Daily Recommendation: Balayage It

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May 11: Balayage It!

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. – Marie Claire

So what is the difference between Balayage and Ombre?

The word ombre comes from the French word “shadow”. Ombre is the actual style. It is the transition of a lighter shade from a darker shade. Generally, ombres work best on brunettes because it is the least subtle of all the techniques, a sombre is what we would see on blondes. That technique is more subtle, hence the word sombre. Ombre is great for the more daring girl, it is definitely more noticeable and typically more maintenance. Ombre is kind of like color blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural, just a nice transition between the colors. – Style Lounge Salon

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Daily Recommendation: Meet Kate Allen

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April 30/May 1: Meet Kate Allen

The most amazing thing happened to me today, I met Kate! I went to Milk+Honey in Austin, Texas to get my hair colored and cut and Kate was my hairstylist. Needless to say, I absolutely LOVE my new balayage LOB with bangs look, but I got so much more than just an amazing hair transformation.


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