Daily Recommendation: L’Oreal Paris Detox & Brightening Pure Clay Mask

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August 20/21: L’Oreal Paris Detox & Brightening Pure Clay Mask

I am obsessed with face masks and I love charcoal based face products, which is why Dark Angel from Lush is one of my most favorite face cleanser. So, I’ve been really excited to try L’Oreal’s new line of clay masks. One of its biggest incentive is the affordable price ($12.99 on Loreal.com, $9.98 on Amazon). To be fair to the product, I decided to try one mask out at a time, beginning with the detox and brightening mask for its obvious charcoal ingredient. As per direction, I applied it three times a week and have been using it for three weeks (the bottle will last me about another week). So, one jar will last approximately one month if used as directed.

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My Current Favorite Face Masks

I love face masks, they are life’s little delights. Whenever I need a little pick me up (about three times a week), I put on a face mask and instantly feel better and so does my face. I wanted to share my two current favorite go-to products.

Caolion’s Pore – Original Pack

Caolion is a Korean brand. I think Koreans have one of the most beautiful skins and have recently begun incorporating a few Korean products into my skin care routine. This clay mask was one of the first items I added after discovering it on Michelle Phan’s YouTube video

Caolion's Pore

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