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Daily Recommendation: Play Hooky

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January 21: Play Hooky

Everyone needs time to themselves, to refresh their minds, to regain perspective, to just be. With all that we have going on in our daily lives, it can be really difficult to get that truly alone time and lets face it, vacation is not always the easiest nor realistic option. So, here’s what I do and what I recommend that you start doing too.

Once a season, take a day off from work, school, life and head out for a day to yourself, but not home! Don’t waste your “sick day” on a home day. Instead, head to the beach, mountains, hike, movies, spa, a show…the options are endless. Best part – don’t tell anyone about it! It’s a day for you and you don’t want it to be interrupted. Let everyone think you’re wherever you’re suppose to be and come back home in the evening like you normally would. To the world, you had just another day. To you, it was the perfect, relaxing “me” day. 

Currently, I play hooky twice a year, but I’m definitely going to take my own advice and double it.

Happy Hooky-ing!


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