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Daily Recommendation: Speak Up!

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April 20: If Someone Sets You Up For Failure, CALL THEM OUT. 

Recently, I had to deal with an incident where I was mislead to believe the situation in hand was one thing when in reality it was another (all very politically driven). Seeing that the situation has not yet been dealt with properly, I am not at liberty to disclose it on the Internet, just yet. But, it has reminded me of an important motto of mine and I wanted to share it as today’s daily recommendation.

Often in our lives, people will set us up for failure, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. No matter who they are, what their status in society is, it is your responsibility to call them out on it. I know that it is easier said than done, especially if the person in question is a superior or the outcome of a confrontation can result in a serious negative impact on you or a loved one. So, I won’t pretend that there aren’t exceptions to this rule. However, unless there is a fear of a life altering outcome, I think it is always a necessity to stand up for oneself. Know your truth, respect yourself, believe in your self-worth and fight for you. Honestly, I’ve always maintained that if I can’t stand up for myself, I sure as hell shouldn’t expect anyone else to.

Happy Self Respect!

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